The Comparative Effect of Dictionary use, Etymological analysis, and Glossing on Iranian ESP Learners’ Vocabulary Learning

Rajab Esfandiari ; Maryam Hezari

Taiwan International ESP Journal ;
10卷1期 (2019 / 04 / 01) , P45 – 63

The present study examined the effect of three techniques (dictionary use, etymological analysis, and glossing) on vocabulary recognition and production. To fulfill the purpose of this study, 45 English for specific purposes (ESP) learners majoring in architecture at Azad University, Anzali branch, participated in this research. They were divided into three groups, and each group was randomly assigned to one kind of treatment (dictionary use, etymological analysis, and glossing). Prior to performing the treatment, a Michigan proficiency test was administered to measure the language proficiency of ESP learners and ensure the homogeneity of the learners. The three experimental groups undertook three tasks for six weeks. After the treatment, language learners took a vocabulary recognition test (VRT) and a vocabulary production test (VPT). Data were analyzed using SPSS. The results of data analysis showed statistically significant differences between the three treatment conditions. The results of two separate one-way ANOVA analysis procedures indicated that the experimental group assigned dictionary use recognized and produced words much better than the other two experimental groups, suggesting that the dictionary group had outperformed the other two groups.

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